12 November 2014

Party Favors That Don't Suck: Magnets

Alright ya'll, it is my personal opinion that party favors generally end up in the trash because they are usually fucking ridiculous and frivolous. However, there are some favors that actually do what they are meant to do, which is giving your guests something that they can remember your day by.

One of my favorites comes from a company called Mag-nificient. Essentially, a photographer will take pictures of you and your guests, and print out magnets right there at the venue. On the way out, guests look for themselves on the board and pick which magnets to throw up on their fridge. It's like an extra photographer, photobooth and wedding party favor in one. BOOM!

Your guests don't need another candle, coozie or stationary. Srsly.

22 March 2012

11 September 2011

Meal Preference = Personality Test

You can tell a lot by your guest's wedding meal preferences. For example, if your meal card reads:

"___Chicken or ___BADASS Lobster Motorcycle"

and they DON'T put an X next to the lobster, then you can be sure to seat them at the boring table with all the other lame chicken heads.

via Daily Pics and Flicks

24 May 2011

23 May 2011

An Especially Soulful Monday Night

Mmmm what a soulful love song! When the female voice comes in, its gonna add some hot water to you, then some cold water, then mix you up and put you in the fridge for 30 min then take you out and squish you between your teeth (i.e. turn you into some jello).

Timothy Bloom ft. V- 'Till The End Of Time

22 May 2011

Groom's Shoes

My super creative friends, Lily and Jordan, got married a couple years ago and Jordan made the dopest groomsmen gifts of all time: customized kicks. He bought a bunch of vans, then hand-painted them with inside jokes and random stuff for his friends. I think it turned out pretty awesome.

That's immediately what I thought of when I saw these bad boys:

Stylist, Robert Verdii asked Vans to make some custom ones for him out of some vintage Hermes scarves. The result? The dopest Vans I've ever seen.

From the consistently cool, A Bryan Photo and  Vans' Flikr.