30 November 2010

Gangsta Cards Revoked: Ugly Wedding Dresses

With so many adorable dresses out there in the blogsphere, I thought it was my duty to share with you some of the more ooogly dresses out there, to, ya know, balance out the universe.

So this one actually wouldn't be so bad without the bonnet and cape and intense makeup. But didn't some crazy bitch like Rachel Zoe say that styling is everything? She was absolutely right. I kind of hate saying that, but sometimes the craziest ones speak the most truth.

The hat and skirt are obviously ridiculous. I keep waiting for a bunch of little kids to come screaming out from under her skirt like in those games we played in elementary school with the huge parachutes. Actually, I think it would be kinda cool in a scaled back kind of way.

Vera Wang

I know, right? The woman who can do no wrong has managed to f this one up. Seriously, though. I've never seen such an expensive dress look so cheap.

The dress looks like those ugly lamps that southern housewives buy from Marshalls. If homegirl can't make it work, then no one can. Sorry, Jenny Packham, your gangsta card has been revoked.

They actually managed to put everything I hate in a dress in one dress! That's why I saved it for last. The huge skirt, the slutty corset.. I already know that someone who picks this dress and I are not going to get along. Call me judgmental.