31 July 2009

Pretty pretty

Look what I found! All wedding dresses at Thread are under $1000, and very chic.

via Elle blog

29 July 2009

History of the Bridesmaid

For when your girlfriends ask, "What do I have to do?"

via A Foxy Wedding

A Perfect Kiss

A little bend, a little animal print to get the mood goin', and voilĂ !

via Kissez

28 July 2009

The Free Wedding

Go see the gangstaness at Once Wed and Our Labor of Love. I'm dead-a**.

Something Electric Blue

I was seriously out of my chair, when K at Blog Goggles showed me Natalie Hormilla's (ex-editor of Fashionista.com) electric-blue wedding dress. It was made by Karolina Zmarlak, and inspired by Lanvin, Spring 08.

This dress is fire!

pic from Elle blog

27 July 2009

Wedding Jacket

I want a wedding when its cold out just so I can wear this over my dress.

at chloe & reese

26 July 2009

Young Love

I guess Barack was always timeless, and Michelle was always stylish.

via Black Girl in the City

Monday Night Jamz

This girl's gonna take over the world some day. She's drop dead, she's got the voice, and she's got the style.

Shingai Shoniwa is the frontrunner of the Noisettes. Their album is ok, but they got mad potential.

25 July 2009

Barbershop shave

While you're at the spa before your wedding, gettin' yo hair and nails did, don't forget about gettin' yo man a barbershop shave. There's something so alluring to getting a professional, single blade shave. Make sure its not a unisex one- the traditional ones give the best shaves (or so I'm told). Apparently, it makes men feel manlier.

Here's a good barbershop locater. All of these ones are recommended by The Art of Manliness readers.

I'm so jealous, I wish I could have one too- maybe when I'm old and I start getting facial hair.

pic from Life

24 July 2009

Who needs 2 rings?

when you have a 2-in-1 blingin' masterpiece?

I was lookin' at these rings on West Aussie Wedding, and I'm lovin the idea of a combined wedding band and engagement ring. The designs are so my style! Practically speaking, it would be easier to wear/take off one ring. But, I am a little concerned with the logistics involved at the ceremony. What do you guys think of the idea?

Here are some of my faves that I've found across the internets.

(1 from Marco Bicego, 2 from John Hardy , 3 from Anita Ko)

23 July 2009

Black Barbie

Seems like Barbie's makin a comeback today. The July issue of Italia Vogue has come out with a new Black Barbie issue, with a 100-page spread of Mattel's new black Barbies. Way to get with the times!

pics from FabSugar and Flikr

22 July 2009


Those of you that have been followin me know that I never post anything about about stationary or calligraphy. Personally I think its boring. Every once in awhile, I'll see something so off tha chain, that I have to post about it. This is one of those times.

The watercolor is so beautiful here, and I think it could be easily replicated. DIY anyone?

by Sugar Love Weddings via Once Wed

21 July 2009

A lil Monday Night Preview

They're a new girl in town.

And Shingai Shoniwa's got style.

pics from Google Images

Friendship bracelets

Whatever happened to friendship bracelets? I used to love them, and make them all for my lil homies. They meant so much because you knew that your friend spent all that time weavin you a gift.
I was thinking about bridesmaid gifts today and I realized that I was stressin out way too much. They're really just grown versions of friendship bracelets. All you need to do is show your girls that you appreciate them for being there for you through all your drama.

Here's a how-to in case you've forgotten:

20 July 2009

Monday Night Jamz

Prefuse 73- Afternoon in Love

pic from Lolita

Agent Provocateur Sale

Agent Provocateur is having a 75% off sale. Ooo lala.

Mr. Hare

Damn, these shoes are fine. Mr. Hare's got a passion for strictly men's footwear (darnit). All the grooms out there should pick up some of these badboys. Or these, of course. 

Project Runway 6

1 month and counting...

Mitchell's from GA, so I'm gonna root for him, but I secretly hoping  Epperson will come out with some bangin designs. 

pics from Lifetime

19 July 2009

For the iPhone DJed Wedding

I went to a party last night, where I saw the DJ playing around with this app, and shit was tight.
I know a lot of you are opting for an iPod over a DJ or a band for financial reasons, but this is another reason why you could do it yourself. You can scratch, speed up, slow down, get all Girl Talk on it, and then record, for a sweet mix for your wedding.

It's gonna get pretty gangsta up in therrre.

Ashley and Brian

Have you seen Ashley and Brian's wedding? The hair, the deer, the baseball... are amazing. I owe it to Marty from Not the Marrying Kind for turning me on to Jeremy Lawson. I have spent probably the last hour stalking his blog.

16 July 2009

For the spoken word lovers

I'm really diggin this. Its stuff like this that makes me love the internet. Try it out, makin music is real fun.

14 July 2009

1940s Style done right

I have seen a lot of vintage wedding styles lately, and a lot of them, seem a little too much. But, I absolutely loved this bride's style. Her bridesmaids look perfection- sweet and sassy. This how you do it folks!

See more of this stylish wedding here.

via Offbeat Bride

13 July 2009

Monday Night Jamz

This song just blows my mind. I can't believe it was made last year! It sounds so timeless and soulful to me. Seems like the Brownwood Bubblers label has got some serious artists with the good kind of swag, so check em out. If you want a unique first dance song, this one's it.

Yaw- Where Would You Be

pic via JJJound

12 July 2009

Sick of headbands?

Hows about something like this? Absolutely gorgeous.

via Kiss the Groom from Kirstie Kelly

08 July 2009

Bachelorettes keep it real

The other day, I got an email from Jen about the gangsta bachelorette party she threw for her homegirl Lori, who apparently has mad rappin and worm skillz.

Jen writes,
No male genitalia and princess crowns here! We crafted her some awesome accessories that brought old school and new school together.

Gangstas come in all shapes and sizes. These girls know how to keep it real. Check it out.

Lori, the gangsta bride-to-be, rockin' a thick chain. (It reads, "Countdown to the wedding.")

And obviously, real gangsta chicks knit real gangsta sweaters. Ice cube and NWA got this on backorder.

And a boombox cake with a dash of dopeness comin at yo palate.

You guys are awesome!
Shout out to Lori- Congrats, I hope you and yo gangsta live happily eva afta.

06 July 2009

Monday Night Jamz

A lil late, but it ain't no thang. Stevie Wonder is only 23 here! Enjoy.  

04 July 2009

Happy 4th of July

This has gotta be my favorite holiday. Does it get any better than fireworks, alcohol, burgers, swimming? I think not. Today, I'm going up to Lake Lanier to hang out with some friends and go slip and sliding- high school style. I also got a whole denim outfit thats real 90s to celebrate the occasion. Have fun everyone!

Btw, sorry I've been a lil MIA recently. You know how it goes. Sometimes I gotta check myself, take a timeout, and go do important non blogger things.

pic via Lost in the Sea via Alaskan Eyes