27 May 2009

This kills me....

I was checkin out Rock 'n Roll Bride, and I fell in love with these engagement photos by the talented Desiree Haigh.

This one reminds me of high school.

25 May 2009

Monday Night Jamz

Can't wait for your new album to drop, D'Angelo. It's about time. I miss you.

D'Angelo- How Does It Feel

22 May 2009

DIY: Louboutin Shoes

You know these babies that everyone's been goin nuts over?

Well the talented Miss Maegan went and made some Louboutin inspired shoes herself!

Bravo girl they look amazing! Directions are here. The best part is, you can add them to shoes that are comfortable.

via The Alternative Bride

20 May 2009

Armor jewelry

Check out these amazing pieces at the Esty store, Armor. You can wear it as a bolero over a wedding dress, or sexy body jewelry. I love em because they are edgy but still pretty.

found via NOTCOUTURE

19 May 2009

GIFs = the old new the way of the future

I'm digging these GIFs I found over at The Publics. How rad would this be as a wedding/engagement pic?


I'm calling it. This is gonna be the future of wedding photographs (online, anyways).

from Fuckyoudraculas via The Publics

18 May 2009

Couples that look alike

You know how people can look like their dogs?

I was reading this article that this same phenomenon is true for couples that have been together for a long time! It explains that people tend to be more attracted to people with similar features(also known as imprinting).

John Huck, an LA artist, did a photographic installation on couples that look alike here:

Also, couples who have been together a long time can look more and more alike over time. This is because they tend to have many of the same experiences, and many of the same facial lines (like laugh lines). Crazy huh?

pics from John Huck
last pic from Like Alike

17 May 2009

Rainy day music

K-Os- The Rain

pic via ffffound

15 May 2009

Irresistibly cool

Combat boots? check. Bada** dress? check. Nonchalance? You betcha. Looks like someone gets a gangsta card.

pic from Style Sightings via Le Flassh

14 May 2009

Road trip

The ever-gangsta DJ, Michael Antonia from The Flashdance, is hosting a party a rad party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs on Sunday May 31st 3-8pm. It sounds like a blast, and I think I may have to try and road trip out there!

Check it out here.

Geometry + Jewelry

Presenting the future of jewelry:

I love these geometric necklaces popping up everywhere. They're so chic and kinda daring.

1 Roberto Cavalli 2&3 Missoni at Net-a-Porter

4. H&M

13 May 2009

Dekotora (decorated truck)

How baller would it be to ride off into the sunset in one of these badboys after your wedding? I found these amazing pieces of machinery by Satoshi Minakawa on the always amazing, Today and Tomorrow.

Can I get an amen?

11 May 2009

Fly wedding nails

On your wedding day, there can be so much pressure from your family and the Wedding Industry in general to become someone you're not. This is supposed to be your day and you should be able to flaunt your style. If you like crazy-cool nails, then sport em. If you have tats, don't cover them up. Be proud of your style!

Here's some french-manicure alternatives:

pic via ffffound
all nail designs and tutorials at preposterously nails

10 May 2009

Best Man Speech

This guy's speech had me laughing and crying at the same time.

Sheer wedding dress anyone?

I'd do it. Not sluttily, obviously, just dreamy and pretty for an ethereal outdoorsy wedding like this one:

pic 1 by Peter Lindbergh
pic 2 by One Love Photo via A Practical Wedding