31 January 2009

That Dress is So Fly: Claire Pettibone Bridal Spring 2009

Ooooo girl, I'm so excited I'm typing real fast! I just stumbled across Claire Pettibone's Spring 2009 Rock n' Roll Bride collection. Check out these numbers:

pic courtesy of Claire Pettibone

30 January 2009

James Bond Wedding Cake

Ummm... Honey, you're only allowed to do that to the groom's cake.

pic from Mike's Amazing Cakes via David Malki

29 January 2009

Taking the plunge...

I was talking to friend the other day who attended a wedding in upstate New York. The ceremony took place at the top of a jumping cliff on their bride's family farm. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and the groom invited the rest of their guests to "take the plunge" with them quite literally. They jumped off the cliff into the water along with many of the guests. Not yo' momma's wedding, but gangsta indeed.

pic courtesy of Drew Hood at Throwing Light

28 January 2009

This is how I feel...

Sorry I havn't blogged too much this past week. You can imagine how many things I have to do right now.

27 January 2009

Poster Art Invites from Unless Someone Like You

I know that most of ya'll of probably seen wedding poster invitations, but I adore these ones. They send them out in poster tubes and you can also set them out for people to sign and have some original art. So gangsta. You can pick 'em up on esty here.

20 January 2009

Songs to get yo body groovin'

I've decided to start a new category dedicated to gettin' yo body movin'. These are gonna for diy-ipod-late-night-reception-soundtracks that help you get yo swerve on without offending some of yo guests.

Chromeo- Fancy Footwork

16 January 2009

Mexican Wedding Traditions

My cousin just got back from the myan riviera and took this picture of a wedding. For this wedding, the doors to the cathedral were wide open. Unlike many modern weddings, the ceremony doors are kept open for anyone to come and join in the celebration. The reception is generally kept for invitees-only. Ehat a fantastic tradition.

You can use this tradition into your own wedding by keeping an open door policy for your ceremony (as long as your venue has the capacity) and allowing all those invitees in limbo to be part of your celebration without eatin up all yo skrilla!

Here's some other ways to add some mo' mexican tradition to your wedding.
  • A wedding lasso- it is made of flowers and beads and is put around the bride and the groom in a figure 8 shape to signify unity
  • Mariachi band- who can resist their charm?
  • Mexican wedding cookies- delicious, and actually served at mexican weddings
  • Thirteen Coins- presented to the bride from the groom for trust in all material things
  • A wedding dress with ruffles, or a mantilla veil
  • Pinata- I recently went to a birthday party with a pinata and it was really fun.
Does anyone know of any others?

14 January 2009

I digg you David Hale

One my favorite artists, David Hale is gonna have a show in Atlanta on Feb .14th at 8pm at Mint Gallery. I can't wait to drool all over his art.

pic from David Hale

go fug yourself

Have you seen go fug yourself? Heather and Jessica write some pretty jacked up sh*t, but its effin' funny. They have captions like this:

Bryan Batt is great on Mad Men.

But that's nothing compared to his burgeoning career as a model for the new "Tommy Bahama: Weddings" catalog.

and this:

And now, let's wind down the week with a nice, soothing, ill-fitting, stumpifying scrolldown fug.

Brought to you by Phil's Shotgun-Wedding Warehouse, where every dress sags at the abdomen. You know, just in case.

Man, they just sleigh me.

12 January 2009

Stylin': Golden Globes wedding inspiration

I watched the golden globes last night (only for the dresses, let's be real). Here are my top 3 fly wedding dresses.

1. Olivia Wilde in Reem Acra

She looks like a b*tch in that dress, and by b*tch I mean friggin' beautiful.

2. Eva Mendes in Dior

How do say bling bling in French?

3. Kate Beckinsale in J. Mendel

The neckline makes her dress a total b*tch.

pics from TV Guide

Booyah! I got a real camera!

I just got my first slr for christmas! I can't wait 'till I learn what this baby can do, I'm tearin' up the auto functions though...