28 January 2011

Fancy Pants

Ahhhhh. This look is like a breath of fresh air. She looks totally comfortable yet completely put together. Why don't more brides wear pants to their weddings again?

pic Elin Kling via Le Fashion

24 January 2011

Monday Night Jamz: Andy Allo ft Blu

Andy Allo ft Blu- Dreamland

Silky Smooth...

23 January 2011

Knotty Hair

Love knotty hair. It's crazy, sexy, cool.

pics from The American ParlourRefinery 29, Maque Chic

22 January 2011

21 January 2011

A Faster Way To Try On Wedding Dresses

Trying on dress after dress and going to store after store gets a little exhausting. This looks like a crazy fun way to go dress "shopping" with your friends. All you need is a projector, a computer, and some giggly friends.

19 January 2011

Real Gangsta Wedding: Damian and Carla

damian and carla 1

damian and carla 3

Love me some wedding instax!

Carla and Damian did it up big on New Years Eve. Looks like a blast.

You can see more of their wedding at the talented Ms. Caroline Fontenot's  blog.

17 January 2011

What's Wifey Got To Say? Gucci Mane's Ice Cream Tattoo

Gucci mane ice cream keyshia dior

It's been blowin up all over that Gucci Mane got an tattoo of an ice cream cone ON HIS FACE.  Everybody lookin now that's for sure.

All I wanna know is, "What's wifey go to say about that?"

Mane's honey, Keyshia Dior could only tweet, "horrible". Guess the "Brrr" on his face is gonna represent more than his single Jermaine Dupri...

Monday Night Jamz: Okta Logue

Okta Logue- Bright Lights

This week, I decided to post an OK song, because the video is so STELLAR. I love how its one continuous shot, very tricky.

This would make a rad wedding video. I love how it captures the party vibe, everyone's doing their own thing but it's all connected.

via YYY

16 January 2011

Marry Me: Street Art Proposals

I just watched Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop", and it got me all hopped up on street art.

Check out these sweet street artists proposing to their ladies.


street art proposal 2

will you marry me grafitti

15 January 2011

Brass Knuckle Bridesmaids

brass knuckle bridesmaids

I love combining fashion with self-defense. Nothing tells a scrub to STEP OFF like a chunk of metal on your knuckles.

Arm your bridesmaids with this bomb-ass bridesmaid gift.

Custom ones at Heist Jewelry.

Note: They are not actually made out of brass. You can get em in silver and 18k vermeil. Thanks Heist!

via Mrs. Scissors

14 January 2011

5 Things To Be Thankful For On Your Wedding Day

david bowie yellow red hair

1. The best man restrained himself from shaving your husband's eyebrow off at the bachelor party. 

2. Your friends and family are giving speeches for you, even though they are scared shitless of public speaking.

3. You're not on your rag. 

4. Your mom got your father there on the right day, at the right time, in the right clothes.

5. You realized no one gave a f that you didn't get the extra overlay for the table cloth.

pic via Lux Exterior
inspired by this hilarious speech

13 January 2011

The Perfect Courthouse Wedding Outfit

Courthouse Wedding Dress

Sometimes I daydream about galloping off into the courthouse and getting married in this outfit. I like everything about it, even the grandma sweater, because let's face it, I have poor circulation and I get cold easily, even in my daydreams.

AND can we talk about that bag?!? I want to wear it till every hand sewn sequin falls off. Of course, you probably already knew how I feel about sequins.

Philip Lim at Net-A-Porter

04 January 2011

I'll Miss you, 2010

Happy New Years Y'all!

Somehow this guy managed to make all the shitty movies of 2010 look good. Makes me nostalgic.

via Popeater