25 December 2010


Merry Chrimbus, y'all.

17 December 2010


The new Smilebooth website is up and runnin' by the dope folks behind Our Labor of Love and The Flashdance. They've got mad funny Smilebooth pics, events, and a dope new blog (that may have some contributions from yours truly comin up!). Check it out!

13 December 2010

Monday Night Jamz: Nneka

I first heard of Nneka when I found out she was touring with Damien Marley and Nas on their Distant Relatives tour to raise money to build African Schools. I love her sound and the vibe shes got goin on.

Check her out here.

12 December 2010


Today, I was reading the Athens Banner Herald, and I saw some "Letters to Santa". It cracked me up. Here are some of my favorites:

Dear Santa,
Chrismes is my favret holiday. I love you and Mrs. Close. I hope you love my mom's cookies and milk thank you for all of my toys all of these years. All of thes years you eat all of the cookies and drunk all of the milk. Your elves are good at making toys for all of the people. Why is Chrimas important to all of us? Is Chrimas your favret holday? Mine is Chrimas to. I thenk we have coulet chip cookies thes year. I like Rudoff, The red nose Riandeer.

Dear Santa,
I love december. I love to go to my Mamays and Papas house. I see my cousens. I go to bed late about 10:00! I can't wait until I go there. My cusens Jonah and Grace and Ava. I eat so much candy. I will have a good time there! On the 24th I see the presonse erly. I love Christmas soooooo much. I will get to see my snowflace erings. I love Christmas. I will see snow. I will play jingl bells on the piano. We drink cokco.


Dear Santa,
I like Christmas because my mom is comeing to visit me. She is coming in December. Santa, are you comeing with the deers? Becuse I don't know yet? And Christmas is my best day. Its on December.
And my house is pattey and you will like it. And on Christmas im going to gave cooks to you Santa and milk Santa. And Santa you are awesome. Santa you are my best friend. And Santa everyone in our class likes you. And there are 19 people in our class.


Dear Santa,
My name is Brieanna. I am seven years old. I have been a very good girl this year we go to church and we do a christmas play. We dress up and we sing sing and we have fun. When we finished we go to this little house where everyone makes food and play games. When we are finished the preachers will call out a kids name or a grown ups name to come get something like kids get games a grown up gets like lotion. Then we are done with that stuff. We go home but it last un till night. I hope you bring me good stuff like new clothes and a I Pod touch.


Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. I would like a Brbe doull and lip glos.
With love,

A Poster for My Dad

A Christmas present for the crazy Beatles fan in your life (every family's got at least one, right?).

A Max Dalton print of "Ten Great Years".

I love the Yoko at the bottom.


10 December 2010

Chain Garters

I have to be honest. I hate garters. I think they're kind of tacky and ugly, and the whole "deflowering" idea it represents kind of creeps me out. I mean, obviously your family and friends know that you're gonna have sex on your wedding night, but you don't need to flaunt it in front of everyone, right?

These chain garters, however, are so bad ass that you should wear one just for fun and a little surprise for the two of you later on.

You can get em from the crafty sisters at Litter SF.

Found Litter SF via Oracle Fox

09 December 2010

Real Gangsta Wedding: Oracle Fox

HOLY SMOKES! When I saw Mrs. Oracle Fox's wedding, I had to post it immediately. Mr. and Mrs. Oracle Foc got married in Bali in the fall. She has amazing style (as evidenced by her blog, obv).
I just can't get over that dress. It looks like mermaids crafted it from shells at the bottom of the sea.

pics by the talented Mr. Jonas Peterson

06 December 2010

Non Boring Wedding China

According to The Knot, you should register for two China sets, one formal and one traditional. According to Gangsta Bride, they should not be lame.

Rob Ryan's 4 season plates. You can buy them here.

via Holycool

03 December 2010

The Royal 3D Wedding

3D has officially gotten out of hand. First it was movies, and it was only a matter of time before it hit weddings too. According to the Daily Mail, Prince William and Kate Middleton are thinking about broadcasting their wedding in 3D.

Now, I could go on a rampage about how it really seems like a shameless gimic in attempt to make the royal family seem more "relevant" and "hip" to try and sell more plates with their faces on it or whatever, but instead, I'm gonna turn this into a more positive post.

I mean I completely see the appeal. Its magical! Like Harry Potter!

I think it would be fun to have some wedding pictures done in 3D.

pic 2 via "3D search" on Widget Phreak's Flikr

30 November 2010

Gangsta Cards Revoked: Ugly Wedding Dresses

With so many adorable dresses out there in the blogsphere, I thought it was my duty to share with you some of the more ooogly dresses out there, to, ya know, balance out the universe.

So this one actually wouldn't be so bad without the bonnet and cape and intense makeup. But didn't some crazy bitch like Rachel Zoe say that styling is everything? She was absolutely right. I kind of hate saying that, but sometimes the craziest ones speak the most truth.

The hat and skirt are obviously ridiculous. I keep waiting for a bunch of little kids to come screaming out from under her skirt like in those games we played in elementary school with the huge parachutes. Actually, I think it would be kinda cool in a scaled back kind of way.

Vera Wang

I know, right? The woman who can do no wrong has managed to f this one up. Seriously, though. I've never seen such an expensive dress look so cheap.

The dress looks like those ugly lamps that southern housewives buy from Marshalls. If homegirl can't make it work, then no one can. Sorry, Jenny Packham, your gangsta card has been revoked.

They actually managed to put everything I hate in a dress in one dress! That's why I saved it for last. The huge skirt, the slutty corset.. I already know that someone who picks this dress and I are not going to get along. Call me judgmental.

22 October 2010

How to be a hit at a reception

Step 1: Pop it
Step 2: Lock it
Step 3: Keep it crisp


26 September 2010

New Blushless

Blushless - Season 2011 - Transformation from GT on Vimeo.

Homegirl just came out with some bomb ass dresses.

You can buy them here.

27 August 2010

The Waistcoat vs the Vest

A lil street etiquette for ya. This is how you wear a waistcoat and vest. Folks nowadays are always wearing their clothes too big and baggy. A vest can be worn a little looser (see left), but a waistcoat must fit around your torso (see right). It looks great with a tie and really makes a great layering piece.

Do you prefer a waistcoat or a vest?

23 August 2010

Monday Night Jamz- I wanna settle down

I really love this video. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this could be the new "Single Ladies". Probably won't be here's to hoping. It would be much more tolerable.

via YYY

21 August 2010

Paintbrush Tattoos

I am really jealous of New Yorkers right now. Amanda Wachob, an artist at Daredevil Tattoo uses a completely different technique of Tattooing that makes her work look like true painted works of art. I love the solid, bold colors she uses.

Instead of boudoir photos...

I happen to believe that boudoir pics are THE best gift you can give your groom on your wedding day. They are hot, personal, and he will LOVE them. But, since we're all gangstas here, we're gonna take it to the next level. What could the next level be you ask?


I know you're thinking porn, but I'm not. I'm thinking classy, sexy, fun. Something like Ms. Daisy over here.

And shit, you could do this with a handycam, some windows, and you're favorite song.

20 August 2010

Hot, Unstuffy Groomsmen Styling

Damn, I love a good n' messy/casual/dressy style. If your man has stylish friends that are incredibly good looking, maybe ya'll could pull some styling like this off. I'm digging the second one to the right. Imagine him buttoned up, with a little corsage. So hot.

On the other hand, they kinda look like an older Jonas Brothers boy band so PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

pic from NK Stil

18 August 2010

Hipster wedding music

The pin up ladies of Hipster Wife Hunting chime in and answer the question, "What band would play at your ideal wedding?"

Beth- Quantic or T-Rex (reanimated).

Lou- Pshh please, Mildred Bailey and her orchestra. I would have Dinah Washington on standby in case Mildred’s no good ex husband (who also happens to play the xylophone in said orchestra) is late but would make sure she knew that she was to sing “When I fall in Love” and none of this nonsense about never being loved and being born to be blue.

C.W.- Oh man…Devo, I think. First dance would be Mongoloid, obviously. Insurance would be Animal Collective. Everyone loves AnCo. My mum probably loves AnCo.

Mish- I’m not sure if I believe in the holy matrimony, but I would have to say, “The Magnetic Fields”.

Spannah- Sly and the Family Stone. Our first dance would be to “(You Caught Me) Smilin’” and everyone could escort us out to “Dance to the Music”. Then we’d drive away in a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado.

Katie- Erm, Devendra. And I’d aspire to manipulate people into dancing awkwardly to him. And there’d be some sort of hippy activities going on. Or, perhaps I’d go in the opposite direction and resurrect Edith Piaf, and have her sing some tunes while people perhaps jitterbug or foxtrot to her, dressed up all proper and tragic and romantic. Yes, I think I’d have it be half tragically romantic themed, half hippy themed. Costumes of the sort would be provided, as well as amazing French food.

Disko Jade- I think Sigur Ros would make some lovely wedding music, only for the wedding though, not the reception, that’d be boring.

And I'll end with that. Sigur Ros at a reception would be boring indeed.

Who would you want to play at your wedding?

Can you spy the IKEA?

Can y'all believe this entire thing was designed with stuff form ikea? I guess its not only for the broke and the boring. Ms. Lo Bjurulf is a damn good stylist who can even make IKEA look original. Bravo.

11 August 2010

Hipster Wedding

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

"Just wanted every1 at the wedding to ‘know who we are’
‘what we’re all about’
Understand that we are more than just ‘any other lame couple’
who is uniting together for tax benefits"

16 February 2010

Nosh on this

Record player platters! Cute, easy, cheap.

From Epting Events

08 February 2010

Sequined Bridesmaids

I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of bling. Now, I'm not talkin about the rhinestone, David Tutera, "I want white diamonds everywhere" nonsense. I'm talkin about sequins. They are so much more fun, and they don't take themselves too seriously. That is why I love them at weddings.

These bridesmaids look like they are ready to party.

Here's some pretty inexpensive ones ova herr:

Why not let the bride get in on the action?

pic from Once Wed

How long did y'all have to for me?

I thought this song would be fitting since I haven't posted in soooooo long.
What can I say? I've been busy.

But I'm in love with the this woman. She sounds like she's straight from 1962, and her horn section is off the chain.

Sharon Jones &The Dap-Kings

pic from Everybody Taste