30 April 2009

They did it

They did the paper lantern thing! On each of the lanterns, they wrote down a special message to send off. How sweet. Wish I was there to see it.

pic from
Lisa Aldersley Photography
via Bridal soup

28 April 2009

Marian Bantjea

Wouldn't these make cool invites? Her vector work is so amazing. Check out her site.

27 April 2009

Katie and Ian

I love the eas-y breez-y outdoors-y feel of this wedding. It looks so relaxed and fun yet totally chic. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but they used little tree trunks as vases for the flowers.

Another MSW of course.

22 April 2009

Legends of Rap

Droll girl is my homegirl fo' real. I mean seriously, how me are they? 32 cards of pure gangstaness. Show some respect to the pioneers of the game.

Get em' here

21 April 2009

Water Gun Assassin

I'm currently involved in a game of water gun assassin. If you don't know how to play, here are the rules:

1. You will get an "assignment" which you are to "kill" (by water gun or water balloon) within 1 week's time. You will be given the assignment's home and work address and facebook profile.

2. If you make a kill, your victim's assignment will be passed on to you.

3. You may not be killed in a safe zone which includes your work, school, or inside your house (unless you unknowingly invite your assassin in vampire-style). Drive-bys are allowed.

4. If you are attacked and hit your assailant before they get you, you have immunity for 24 hours.

5. If you get hit, you are killed and are out of the game.

Here's where it gets tricky...

6. If you do not kill your assignment, you will be put on the bounty list where anyone can kill you for 1 week. If you survive, you will resume normal status.

7. You may form alliances with other players, but be careful as they may have you as their target.

One moderator outside the game will compile a bounty and deceased list and solve any disputes.

This game is amazingly fun and could be a fantastic ice breaker event for all your guests (the game can be modified to 1 hour to kill, etc.)

pic from Let's Explode via Flikr

20 April 2009

Monday Night Jamz

This is what hope sounds like.

Onra- Hope

19 April 2009

Apache Wedding Blessing

This Apache wedding prayer is really beautiful. It can be said in place of vows or even added on to a ceremony or as a toast!

Now you will feel no rain
for each of you will be
shelter to the other.

Now you will feel no cold
for each of you will be
warmth for the other.

Now there is no more loneliness
for each of you will be
companion to the other.

Now you are two bodies
but there is only one life
before you.

Go now to your dwelling place
to enter into the days
of your togetherness.

And may your days be good
and long upon the earth.

from About
pic via Cherry Fields

17 April 2009

Cuff it

It's gettin' hot outside, better get some ice.

If I had a groom's cake (for myself)...

It would look like this. Mmmm gangsta.

ps: This actual cake is vegan. Go figure...

from Sugar Shock

15 April 2009

Wedding art

Florencia, is an Argentinian artist that manipulates wedding photos. I think she does some really amazing work and adds a really cool twist to old wedding photos.

Here's some more of my favorites:

It kind of inspires me to get better at photoshop.

13 April 2009

Monday Night Jamz

Awwww. I know I'm a gangsta, but I'm also a girl.

Coeur de Pirate- Comme des enfants

Coeur de Pirate || Comme des enfants from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

12 April 2009

Gangsta cameras

I need this. Cuz gangstas like shiny things.

and this too. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

via Photoshelter

10 April 2009

Watch out, it's contagious

How to decorate the getaway car

Cans are booooring. Nothing says "Just married" like 2000 post-its on your whip.

Scott Ableman's Flikr via Gangstas and hugs

09 April 2009

Real Talk: Baduizm

"I'm more like an oven than a microwave. I don’t quickly serve up something up just because people expect me to. I serve it up when it is well done, cooked and ready. I go by the lifeline, not by the deadline. I believe in lifelines not deadlines. I do it when I feel it"
- Erykah Badu

pic from Giant

08 April 2009

DIY: Pinata Favors

I love pinatas, I really do. There's something so gratifying about destruction. These little favors would be so much fun to pull apart at a wedding reception. They are so easy to make too! All you need are mini balloons, tissue paper, water, paste and voila!

Check it out on Not Martha's blog. She has a full tutorial as well as other lil ideas.

07 April 2009

We on that paper latern ish

Pouring sand is pretty boring (sorry) and releasing doves/butterflies is pretty, but kinda cruel at your ceremony, BUT how AMAZING would this be?

Yeah. I know.

I found this idea when I was browsing Jessica's blog and I was so impressed I just had to post it.

06 April 2009

Monday Night Jamz

Some pretty serious late night dance music innit?

Royksopp- Happy Up Here

04 April 2009

For Catherine...

Color-in dresses!

Designed by Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman now at the De Ploeg Textile Museum in Bergeick. 
via my new favorite blog, what's wrong with the zoo

03 April 2009

2 carat cup

A not so subtle hint or a not so funny joke. well ok maybe it's a funny joke.

get it at Spoon Sisters

02 April 2009

I feel sick

and my head's about to explode.

pic from FFFFound

01 April 2009

Real Gangsta Wedding: Robin and Matt

I love all the creativity in this wedding. They seriously have some great ideas. Check it out.

They had cupcakes with fondant wafers that were personalized with stamps!

For the guest book, they used little envelopes with pre-cut pieces of paper for people to write notes on and put other keepsakes in like pictures. Then, it was sealed with a sticker. Cool huh?

On the back of the reply cards, there was a little speech box for people to get creative.

Isn't Robyn's peony and sweet pea bouquet pretty?

Each of the seating cards had little personalized buttons on them for the guests to wear that said things like, "I love ___" and "Mom".

from MSW