01 April 2009

Real Gangsta Wedding: Robin and Matt

I love all the creativity in this wedding. They seriously have some great ideas. Check it out.

They had cupcakes with fondant wafers that were personalized with stamps!

For the guest book, they used little envelopes with pre-cut pieces of paper for people to write notes on and put other keepsakes in like pictures. Then, it was sealed with a sticker. Cool huh?

On the back of the reply cards, there was a little speech box for people to get creative.

Isn't Robyn's peony and sweet pea bouquet pretty?

Each of the seating cards had little personalized buttons on them for the guests to wear that said things like, "I love ___" and "Mom".

from MSW


drollgirl said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. those folks were creative. very very very creative.

WestAussieWedding said...

I love the personalised button idea.

gangsta bride said...

West- I know! It would be such a great conversation starter in those awkward "who are you" wedding moments.

gekd said...

I love the guest book idea. Imagine when you take that home... when you're done opening your wedding gifts, you still have all those little cards to open, as well. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

I love her bouquet!! Does anyone know the exact colors of the peonies? Any information would be absolutely wonderful!

PinkieC said...

I am totally going to copy this bouquet! Love, love, love it!