28 June 2009

Friends with benefits

I gotta give this kid some major props, he is so talented! Chances are you know someone with some mad skillz also. Don't be afraid to ask your friends to perform! They are gonna be flattered that you asked, and would probably love to perform for you. Personal performances make weddings just that- PERSONAL.

And if any of you know young Igor here, please let me know, because I want to see his adorable face live. I'm forreal.

26 June 2009

A great idea

Leave it to The Broke-Ass Bride to come up with the freshest idea in a long time, Bride Share . Basically, you sign up with a profile and you can team up with other brides (and grooms) to share wedding decor/ideas with one another. You can split all the decor or buy used/recycle wedding stuff. Pretty neat, huh?

25 June 2009

For Michael

What a sad day it is today. Michael was such a huge icon, the thought of him passing never even crossed my mind. I am in shock.

I grew up on him. I remember slidin around on the floor in socks as a kid to his music tryna to moon walk.

He will be missed.

Sweet Cake

See? Cake toppers don't have to be complicated, expensive, or bootleg bedazzled. Sometimes bootleg is better.

And by the way, doesn't this cake look so much better than one covered in fondant? I'd rather eat this homemade goodness.

pic courtesy of Angelica Glass via Rock 'n Roll Bride

18 June 2009


Good Laud, what cute lil dresses. They are all made by Tatyana Merenyuk who is incredibly talented. Get em while they're hot.


17 June 2009

DIY: Updo with short hair

Do you guys remember this gorgeous updo? Well since braids are timeless, it would look be so sweet as a wedding style. Johnny Lavoy got a real easy tutorial below.

16 June 2009

Wedding Planning Stress

You know you need to take a break from wedding planning and actually make yourself a meal when your fridge looks like this. Don't let this happen to you. Probably the best advice I've heard about how to deal with pre-wedding stress is to slow down, sit down, and make a nice, healthy dinner with your baby.

15 June 2009

Real gangsta wedding

If you havn't seen the Broke Ass Bride's wedding yet, be prepared to be blown away. It's off tha chain. You can tell be the pictures what a genuine, amazing, sick time everyone had.

There's more by the bada** photographer, Dan Chen's site.

via The Flashdance

Monday Night Jamz

Anyone recognize these?

Caural- Sorry, Underground Hip Hop (happened ten years ago)

art is Rosalie Gascoigne

14 June 2009

And I thought Louboutin's were only for girls...

Shame on me.

(I have been informed that Christian Louboutin has only made women's footwear. But these would make a dashing pair of men's shoes, don't you think? According to What He Wears, Louboutin will have a line for men this Fall.)

pic via JJJJound

13 June 2009

Something for the scrapbook

Here's some decor inspiration for the scrapbook. I'm in love with the flowers, the lanterns, the dark wood, and the total eclectic feel of it in general.

Designed by Jo Gartin at Love Luck and Angels

Oh no

I havn't done a kill yourself in awhile, but this warrants it. Shit's not right Common! I would expect this from the Jonas Brothers, but you? I was even gonna shake the Gap and Diesel commercials, but this is unforgivable. No respect for the game.

via The Smoking Section

09 June 2009

DIY: Flower girl

I love everything about this picture. Wouldn't this dress make a beautiful wedding dress? You could probably make something similar on your own by taking a plain strapless dress and attaching some fabric flowers like these with a needle and thread.

pic from Funambula via Grace's Bridcage

08 June 2009

Monday Night Jamz

I love this jam. I'm really into jazz and electronic music and this is a perfect blend of both.

Sarah Vaughan (Jazzelicious Remix) - Lover Man

pic from D-Place

07 June 2009

The secret to getting the party started

Everyone wants to get their groove on at a reception, but sometimes it can be hard to get the ball rollin. A baller DJ to feel out the crowd is key, and a good playlist goes without saying, but my number one secret weapon to a party where everyone gets their swerve on is a dancefloor that makes you want to dance on it.

There are so many different kinds out there too. From interactive led (DMX style) to mirrored, to floating (over a pool) to just plain lit. You could even just throw a handful of glitter and put some plexiglass on top. Is there any way you would not want to dance on these?
pic from Disco Heaven

04 June 2009


Party plates! I am always that person at the cocktail hour juggling their food, drink, napkin, whatever. Will you guys get these, so I can stop lookin' like a spaz? (or at least we can all look like spazzes together)

At Perpetual Kid

02 June 2009

Human calendar

Wouldn't this be a cute favor/STD/ whatever?

at thehumancalendar.com

Look Alike

Lemme school you on some french sexiness, à la Jane Birkin.

dress at ADAM