28 February 2009

The Plug

Further proof that ATLiens are one rad group of people.

The plug put a disposable camera on a bench in the Highlands with instructions to take pictures. he posted the pictures online here.

(As if you needed more proof than me and outkast)

via A Cup of Jo

27 February 2009

No half steppin'

Look at these! Finally, a lil creativity.

pics from inwater flowers

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Weddings

Alright you little iphone addicts. Since a lot of brides bloggers have been getting iPhones recently, I thought I'd share a few apps that I think are super cool/hilarious/genius for brides to be.

1. My Wedding
This app is great for keeping all your wedding plans straight. You can make to-do lists, make plans based on dates, and it also has a cool little wedding-style magic 8-ball feature for when you can't decide on something. Just shake it, and see if you should "bet your ring on it" or "I now pronounce you yes".

2. Party Planner
Enter some basic info about your peeps- how many people, what kind of drinkers, what you will be serving- and it will give you a perfect estimate about how much alcohol/mixers you need for the night and some great drink ideas!

3. Wedding Envi
Keeps photo wedding inspiration organized into groups from the web.

4. Waltz
From the Ballroom Dance Channel, this app gives you the exact steps and videos for different dances. If you don't have time/money for lessons, this app is great for anytime/anywhere practice!

5. StudioApp
Finally, the most gangsta for last. This app has a bunch of instrumentals for recording/flowin'/singing/ slam poetry-ing, whatever. Its really easy, and super fun. How awesome would it be able to hook up your iphone at a wedding and have a "freestyle" toast, or a song made for your lova? No advanced music skills required.


(I have always been an apple girl with my G3 still truckin' after 7 years, but recently, I have no more faith as I have been through 3 ipods and witnessed many a macbook kerplut after 6-12 months. But the iphone has too many way awesome apps, so I might have to get one.)

pic from Gizmodo's wedding

25 February 2009

Peep this Atlantans

The Not Wedding is having another glefficial event in Atlanta on April 5th. Baisically, a bunch of the best vendors come and put on a NOT wedding. Gifts, food, drinks and inspiration follow.

They are also giving away a FREE rockstar wedding at Sun in My Belly with free photography, dress, catering, EVERTYHING.

I can't wait. I already bought my tickets. If you're going, let me know and we can meet up!

RSVP here

24 February 2009

I had a dream.

Ceremony? Reception? First song?

Pricilla Ahn- Dream

Too stripper-y?

Or super cute? What do you think? I'm back and forth between Pleasantville and Ho-town.

You can buy them at Plasticland if you think they're cute obviously.

23 February 2009

Monday Night Jamz 5

Well I wouldn't exactly recommend this song fro a reception, BUT it's an awesome video and I can't stop bouncin' to it.

Kid Cudi- Day n Night

Now that's what I call engagement photos!

This guy's really good.

via A Wedding Cabaret
pics courtesy of Duston Todd

22 February 2009

love love love

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainesbourg.

via sweet dreams till sunbeams

21 February 2009

Victorian Inspired Wedding Hair

Cool wedding hair inspiration. Would be great for short hair brides, no?

pic courtesy of Dan Martenson

Top 10 Wedding Classified Sites

There are so many FREE sites out there dedicated to helping brides reduce, reuse and recycle their wedding stuff. I mean, seriously, what are you really going to do with 30 identical vases and 200 votive candles? Here are my top ten favorite sites to get great deals on wedding things (often less than rental) and to sell your stuff.

1. Vintage Glam Weddings has its very own Flea Market specifically for weddings.

2. Recycle your wedding has an awesome site for brides to buy and sell to each other.

3. The Knot has a Trash to treasure board where brides post their items for sale.

4. Wedding Bee's classifieds section is super popular and has everything from decor to dresses.

5. Pre-owned wedding dresses- find dresses that you can't buy retail anymore for half the price.

6. Find a designer dress for cheap at Once Wed.

7. My Eco Chic Wedding's classifieds

8. Freecycle- it's kind of like Craigslist, but completely free. Everyone trades and donates various items in the community.

9. Bride to Bride Boutique - buy, sell, trade.

10. Craigslist - While everyone knows about this one, sometimes brides forget that you can get wedding decor here too! It's great for finding random decorations/furniture/whatever and very popular.

Nothing says love...

like a pillow fight!

On Valentine's Day in downtown San Francisco, there was a group pillow fight. Sweet.

pic courtesy of Superhero Journal

20 February 2009

Help their wedding make cents!

Boy (Matt) meets girl (Meredith). Boy falls in love with girl and asks her to marry him. Boy and girl are poor (but happy!) public school teachers. Girl has an amazing idea to start a blog to raise money for their wedding. Help 'em out!

And not just because she's incredibly witty and will give you a shout out on the www.

Their blog is here.

19 February 2009

Lemme see ya grillz

Ha! Another fun favor.... GRILLZ. How fun would this be in a photobooth? How much you pay for a picture of your parents sportin' grillz?

There's some cute ones at Big Dawgs Bling. I like these righchere. On sale for 29.99.

pic courtesy of Angelica Glass

18 February 2009

French Gangsta

Looks like I'm not the only one on the gangsta train....

It's kind of like the fashion version of Rush Hour or any other culture clash movie. French + gangsta don't exactly mix.

pics from Stephen Sprouse collection for Louis Vuitton
via I am Syleish

DIY: Centerpieces

So easy, so awesome, you don't even need a lot of flowers!

If you're handy with a saw, you can make them yourself with the help of the DIY network here.

via Perfect Bound via Oh Joy from Frank Tjepkema.

16 February 2009

Monday Night Juamasfgasfgz 4

Oh yes. Very tight.

Hudson Mohawke- Overnight

13 February 2009

Real Gangsta Wedding: Mike and Des

You know how I get that thing where I get excited and I start typing real fast? Well this is definitely one of those times. It's weddings and freakin' amazing couples like these that got me started blogging. The best disco-roller wedding of the year indeed.

Nice skates! I can't believe Des made her own dress! She looks beautiful!

Love the anticipation in the first pic and the skatin' down the aisle. 

Oh yes! Love the costumes and conga line.

How adorable is that cake topper? Made by Ashley Wheeler

So when I emailed Mike (who also happens to be an amazing multimedia designer at Mohawk Street), he got back to me right away, and was kind enough to answer some questions about his gangsta wedding.

Wheels family fun center (Durham, North Carolina)

HA! flowers are for chumps.

pizza and 2 kegs of beer

disco and funk exclusives selected by us and burned onto some cd's ... mc'd by a smooth voiced radio buddy who works at NPR. Nick Vidinsky

desiree made her dress ... she's a former costume designer and makes custom gowns for her friends. Her inspiration was 70's ice skating outfits.

Groom style?

Thrift store sheik.

used skates off ebay for us and everyone else wore the rentals

Many of our friends are pro photojournalists ... so they all brought cameras. Our friend Ray M. Jones of the NYTimes was the official.

our good friend and my video teaching assistant at UNC, Kat Keene Hogue.

Tell me a little bit about your wedding.
We thought weddings were for suckers ... then we devised the master plan to do it all on rollerskates in disco costumes and decided it could actually be a damn fun party. It was. We're not really into skating or anything, but getting up on wheels made us all feel like kids again. All our friends want us to do an annual re-wedding so they can relive the moment.

What was the most gangsta part of your wedding?
You decide ... the whole thing was gangsta. Traditional weddings can suck it.

What was on the playlist?
Ohio players to jaco pastorius to michael jackson

Best moment?
First skate was fun ... we did some old school trix

Want more? Check out their awesome website that Mike designed.

pics courtesy of Mike

11 February 2009

Mike and Des Teaser

Oh yes they did.

More to come.

courtesy of Mike

Valentine's Mix (for Sensitive Thugs)

Fantastic soundtrack. Including Prince Paul, the Roots, Goodie Mob, Oukast (duh), Devin the Dude, KMD.
Listen here!
Get it here!

via Oh Word

Throw Back Wedding

This throw back is from June 28, 1975 at the Assembly of God Tabernacle in Atlanta. The bride and groom were their own photographers! She used her Nikkormatt 35mm camera. How's that for DIY?

I love this picture. I think Andre 300 can relate.

How cute are these two? No wonder they've been married for over 30 years. You can see more on Old Shoe Woman's Flickr.

pics courtesy of Judy Baxter

09 February 2009

Monday Night Jamz 3

I think every man has a big Big Boi on their shoulder tellin' em, "Don't do it, reconsider!".

Outkast- International Player's Anthem

08 February 2009

Grandma's got jokes

My grandma send me the funniest sh*t online. She cracks me up. Look what she sent me yesterday from the inauguration:

Bling Bling

So I was just having another one of those donkey days. Then, I got to work and this girl comes up to me and says, "I know this is weird, but you're the closest girl around me and I had to tell someone, I just got my engagement ring!". I looked down, and saw this sparkling up at me.

Isn't is beautiful? The pictures don't really do it justice because it was sparkling like crazy. I love how understated yet gorgeous it is. I am so sick of huge rocks with bad clarity. The one below kind of shows the light, but I am still getting to know my camera.

Anyways, she couldn't have chosen a better person to tell, because obviously I am just plain obsessed with weddings and of course sparkly things. So, thank you, girl in the bar, for making my day (and also not making a too confused face when I said "gangsta bride").

07 February 2009

I've got centerpieces on the brain. I don't know why.

How adorable would these be as centerpieces? Especially if you were Russian. (alright, maybe that was a tad ignorant) What do you think? Cute? Tacky?

Only $20 for 5 at IKEA!

04 February 2009

Scratch off Save the Dates

How amazing are these? If I got this Save-the-Date, I'd be like, "This wedding is gonna be off tha chain". Yup. Leslie at Unless Someone Like you is just so damn talented!

Centerpieces that are NOT balls of roses

I was browsing That Bride's blog, and I found these amazing centerpieces. I love the feathers, the moss, the everything. They even named each of the tables after places in their favorite books. They work so well in tall rooms, and frankly I'm over over the top flower trees.

pic courtesy of Kelli Nicole Photography via That Bride

Big Herr

This chick's hair is fly. Thanks to a desert fete, my big hair love has been rekindled.

pic from Forever 21

02 February 2009

Monday Night Jamz

More jamz for gettin' yo groove on without offending anyone. This song warms my little heart.

Common- The Light