23 February 2009

Monday Night Jamz 5

Well I wouldn't exactly recommend this song fro a reception, BUT it's an awesome video and I can't stop bouncin' to it.

Kid Cudi- Day n Night


Karol said...

I love this song, always turn it up. We're working out the music now for all the different parts of the wedding. We're thinking cocktail hour will be all old-school Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, etc. Reception will be a mix of stuff. And then we're having an after-party (a bonfire on a beach) where we're thinking of doing just older hip-hop, an idea we got from a NY radio station playing 90's rap at 9 last night and all the fun we had singing along with like Black Sheep, Tribe and Pharcyde.

gangsta bride said...

Oooo sounds great. I am completely convinced that Nina Simone is perfect music for any occasion. You should look at the album Saturday Night Fish Fry- it's got so many amazing songs.