13 February 2009

Real Gangsta Wedding: Mike and Des

You know how I get that thing where I get excited and I start typing real fast? Well this is definitely one of those times. It's weddings and freakin' amazing couples like these that got me started blogging. The best disco-roller wedding of the year indeed.

Nice skates! I can't believe Des made her own dress! She looks beautiful!

Love the anticipation in the first pic and the skatin' down the aisle. 

Oh yes! Love the costumes and conga line.

How adorable is that cake topper? Made by Ashley Wheeler

So when I emailed Mike (who also happens to be an amazing multimedia designer at Mohawk Street), he got back to me right away, and was kind enough to answer some questions about his gangsta wedding.

Wheels family fun center (Durham, North Carolina)

HA! flowers are for chumps.

pizza and 2 kegs of beer

disco and funk exclusives selected by us and burned onto some cd's ... mc'd by a smooth voiced radio buddy who works at NPR. Nick Vidinsky

desiree made her dress ... she's a former costume designer and makes custom gowns for her friends. Her inspiration was 70's ice skating outfits.

Groom style?

Thrift store sheik.

used skates off ebay for us and everyone else wore the rentals

Many of our friends are pro photojournalists ... so they all brought cameras. Our friend Ray M. Jones of the NYTimes was the official.

our good friend and my video teaching assistant at UNC, Kat Keene Hogue.

Tell me a little bit about your wedding.
We thought weddings were for suckers ... then we devised the master plan to do it all on rollerskates in disco costumes and decided it could actually be a damn fun party. It was. We're not really into skating or anything, but getting up on wheels made us all feel like kids again. All our friends want us to do an annual re-wedding so they can relive the moment.

What was the most gangsta part of your wedding?
You decide ... the whole thing was gangsta. Traditional weddings can suck it.

What was on the playlist?
Ohio players to jaco pastorius to michael jackson

Best moment?
First skate was fun ... we did some old school trix

Want more? Check out their awesome website that Mike designed.

pics courtesy of Mike


MY said...


I sent this post to a friend of mine who's big into roller derby in Pittsburgh.


chloe said...

i LOVE that! can i please repost it? (giving you full credit of course!)

thanks for the comments, im going through your blog getting inspired for weddings and possibly scaring the boyfriend :p

gangsta bride said...

Sure chloe!

The Bridal BFF said...

Cool concept! I love it!

Honeymoon registry said...

What a cool couple. The wedding concept was quite unique. I like it. thanks for the inspiration.