29 November 2009

I'm back, bitches

and I've got some real gansta weddings comin atcha.

Samuel and Jessica's wedding has so many badass and touching elements it makes me wanna dance around in a circle naked with my arms up. You'll see why.

I know the video is like 10 minutes long, so I'll try to give the impatient ones some highlights.

1. Lanterns instead of bridesmaids bouquets (00:48)
2. Drumming down the aisle (00:62)
3. The cutest flower girl outfits (1:41)
4. Sweet bridal headgear (2:22)
5. Green bridal bouquet (2:42)
6. A bride who knows how to rock her tresses and earlobes (2:55)
7. Feet washing! (so much more touching/appropriate than garter groping) (3:00)
8. Irish jig (8:57)

Thanks Colin!

pic courtesy of the talented photographer, Shelley Paulson