21 April 2009

Water Gun Assassin

I'm currently involved in a game of water gun assassin. If you don't know how to play, here are the rules:

1. You will get an "assignment" which you are to "kill" (by water gun or water balloon) within 1 week's time. You will be given the assignment's home and work address and facebook profile.

2. If you make a kill, your victim's assignment will be passed on to you.

3. You may not be killed in a safe zone which includes your work, school, or inside your house (unless you unknowingly invite your assassin in vampire-style). Drive-bys are allowed.

4. If you are attacked and hit your assailant before they get you, you have immunity for 24 hours.

5. If you get hit, you are killed and are out of the game.

Here's where it gets tricky...

6. If you do not kill your assignment, you will be put on the bounty list where anyone can kill you for 1 week. If you survive, you will resume normal status.

7. You may form alliances with other players, but be careful as they may have you as their target.

One moderator outside the game will compile a bounty and deceased list and solve any disputes.

This game is amazingly fun and could be a fantastic ice breaker event for all your guests (the game can be modified to 1 hour to kill, etc.)

pic from Let's Explode via Flikr


gekd said...

have fun! put some bling on that water gun n' get gangsta!

Bethany @ Budget Bride said...

Have fun! We played Assassin in college and it really freaked me out. I was having to look over my shoulder all over campus. Very distracting.

Awesome Sara said...

holy shit, it was you in bushes outside my apartment?!?!?! my boyfriend keeps telling me i'm paranoid!!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's awesome. We did something like this in college. I got out super early though. Lame.

chloe said...

haha, thats awesome! x

Anonymous said...

This was a rite of passage for graduating seniors at my high school. I think my team made it thru the first round but didn't last long after that.