18 August 2010

Hipster wedding music

The pin up ladies of Hipster Wife Hunting chime in and answer the question, "What band would play at your ideal wedding?"

Beth- Quantic or T-Rex (reanimated).

Lou- Pshh please, Mildred Bailey and her orchestra. I would have Dinah Washington on standby in case Mildred’s no good ex husband (who also happens to play the xylophone in said orchestra) is late but would make sure she knew that she was to sing “When I fall in Love” and none of this nonsense about never being loved and being born to be blue.

C.W.- Oh man…Devo, I think. First dance would be Mongoloid, obviously. Insurance would be Animal Collective. Everyone loves AnCo. My mum probably loves AnCo.

Mish- I’m not sure if I believe in the holy matrimony, but I would have to say, “The Magnetic Fields”.

Spannah- Sly and the Family Stone. Our first dance would be to “(You Caught Me) Smilin’” and everyone could escort us out to “Dance to the Music”. Then we’d drive away in a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado.

Katie- Erm, Devendra. And I’d aspire to manipulate people into dancing awkwardly to him. And there’d be some sort of hippy activities going on. Or, perhaps I’d go in the opposite direction and resurrect Edith Piaf, and have her sing some tunes while people perhaps jitterbug or foxtrot to her, dressed up all proper and tragic and romantic. Yes, I think I’d have it be half tragically romantic themed, half hippy themed. Costumes of the sort would be provided, as well as amazing French food.

Disko Jade- I think Sigur Ros would make some lovely wedding music, only for the wedding though, not the reception, that’d be boring.

And I'll end with that. Sigur Ros at a reception would be boring indeed.

Who would you want to play at your wedding?


Hi-Fi Weddings said...

HAH! this is awesome! :)

John Carter said...

This is so beautiful and creative. I just love the colors and whoever gets it in the mail will be smiling. father daughter wedding songs