16 January 2009

Mexican Wedding Traditions

My cousin just got back from the myan riviera and took this picture of a wedding. For this wedding, the doors to the cathedral were wide open. Unlike many modern weddings, the ceremony doors are kept open for anyone to come and join in the celebration. The reception is generally kept for invitees-only. Ehat a fantastic tradition.

You can use this tradition into your own wedding by keeping an open door policy for your ceremony (as long as your venue has the capacity) and allowing all those invitees in limbo to be part of your celebration without eatin up all yo skrilla!

Here's some other ways to add some mo' mexican tradition to your wedding.
  • A wedding lasso- it is made of flowers and beads and is put around the bride and the groom in a figure 8 shape to signify unity
  • Mariachi band- who can resist their charm?
  • Mexican wedding cookies- delicious, and actually served at mexican weddings
  • Thirteen Coins- presented to the bride from the groom for trust in all material things
  • A wedding dress with ruffles, or a mantilla veil
  • Pinata- I recently went to a birthday party with a pinata and it was really fun.
Does anyone know of any others?


Anonymous said...

i wanna be a GANSTA BRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

This is super late, but the dollar dance!