22 May 2009

DIY: Louboutin Shoes

You know these babies that everyone's been goin nuts over?

Well the talented Miss Maegan went and made some Louboutin inspired shoes herself!

Bravo girl they look amazing! Directions are here. The best part is, you can add them to shoes that are comfortable.

via The Alternative Bride


drollgirl said...

she is smart and stylish and quite crafty! and she is a doll. and she is my co-worker.

have a killer weekend GANGSTA!

WestAussieWedding said...

oh wow, thanks so much for this post! I'd love to make a pair of these that are actually wearable for more than 5 seconds.

drollgirl said...

hey are you the same erin as the erin at design crisis? sorry if i am way off base here!

and glad you liked the barkley hendricks post. he is amazing, and i hardly EVER see contemporary art by black artists, so i was pretty excited to find out about him.

Awesome Sara said...

shut up!!! that is amazing i'm headed there right after i post this comment!!!

thanks for sending over to the karl lagerfeld blog. that site was all sorts of creepy but it was a fun read!! and your comment on my crack whore wallpaper about drawing horns and shit, brilliant. you are so funny!!!!

Katelin said...

oh those look awesome.

Chris :: cisforcharmed said...

these are fantastic!!! i love them : )

BEL said...

ahh this are amazing! i need to make them!