18 May 2009

Couples that look alike

You know how people can look like their dogs?

I was reading this article that this same phenomenon is true for couples that have been together for a long time! It explains that people tend to be more attracted to people with similar features(also known as imprinting).

John Huck, an LA artist, did a photographic installation on couples that look alike here:

Also, couples who have been together a long time can look more and more alike over time. This is because they tend to have many of the same experiences, and many of the same facial lines (like laugh lines). Crazy huh?

pics from John Huck
last pic from Like Alike


Awesome Sara said...

that is some crazy shit! i'm going to find a pic of my bo and see if we look alike. i doubt bc i'm asian ans he's white.

drollgirl said...

this is mildly disturbing, but whaddya gonna do?!?!?

HelpMakeCents said...

Thought of you and your blog when I was a bridesmaid two weeks ago in a VERY gangsta wedding. See my blog for details, lady. I think you'll be amused.

sara-grey said...

The breakfast series this guy did is also awesome. I snuck a peak at his website.

p.s. I should be back in blogdom this week.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

This is so awesome. I don't really think my boyfriend and I look alike (I'm a whitey mcwhite, he's Indian) but these people totally look the same.

clorivak said...

craziness! now, let's see some babies!!

We're going for some nasty ass passport photos, that would be a good time to compare!

the dog thing is too funny, I used to work in doggie daycare and its nuts how many owners look like their dogs!!

great post and blog!

g. said...

Very cool post!

Underfunded Heiress said...

This is hilarious! Someone told me that my bf and I look alike. Even though we are completely different nationalities/races, she said we both have big eyes and lips and high cheek bones. Funny.