08 July 2009

Bachelorettes keep it real

The other day, I got an email from Jen about the gangsta bachelorette party she threw for her homegirl Lori, who apparently has mad rappin and worm skillz.

Jen writes,
No male genitalia and princess crowns here! We crafted her some awesome accessories that brought old school and new school together.

Gangstas come in all shapes and sizes. These girls know how to keep it real. Check it out.

Lori, the gangsta bride-to-be, rockin' a thick chain. (It reads, "Countdown to the wedding.")

And obviously, real gangsta chicks knit real gangsta sweaters. Ice cube and NWA got this on backorder.

And a boombox cake with a dash of dopeness comin at yo palate.

You guys are awesome!
Shout out to Lori- Congrats, I hope you and yo gangsta live happily eva afta.


Authoritaters said...

Soooo lovely! I especially love that old school cake, whoop!

Anonymous said...

lol lol lol! I LOVE IT! Thank u 4 sharing, ladies! And thank u, Gangsta Bride- 4 a lovely post!

Krasidy said...

looks like ganstabride is inspiring the gangsta in all of us.

check yo self bridezillas, cuz GansgstaBride is IN DA HOUSE!!!!

Eva Stewart said...

I've got to be honest with you gangsta bride, I'm not quite sure what worm skills are... but these gals look like they are having so much fun! The boombox cake is adorable.

anna and the ring said...

Love it. I am so jealous!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Lori's bachelorette party rocked! Love the cake!