14 July 2009

1940s Style done right

I have seen a lot of vintage wedding styles lately, and a lot of them, seem a little too much. But, I absolutely loved this bride's style. Her bridesmaids look perfection- sweet and sassy. This how you do it folks!

See more of this stylish wedding here.

via Offbeat Bride


The Cottage Cheese said...

Great 40's themed wedding. I like that each bridesmaid had her own individual style, yet the entire ensemble was still so cohesive. Beautiful!

Awesome Sara said...

omg that is fucking beautiful!!!! oh monday nite jams= wicked.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

What a great idea!!

drollgirl said...

looooooooove it!!! those dresses are PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

You are right, they totally nailed it. Too Cool.

Liv Lundelius said...

i like the bridesmaids but
(hope she wouldnt read it)
not the bride!!!!
dont think they fit together.