12 July 2009

Sick of headbands?

Hows about something like this? Absolutely gorgeous.

via Kiss the Groom from Kirstie Kelly


bridetide.com said...

Hawt! These are way killer over headbands!

Awesome Sara said...

i still love headbands!!! but what are these?? clips?? they really are amazing!!!

drollgirl said...

as a matter of fact I HATE HEADBANDS! HAAAAAAAAAAATE them!

and your comment on the orange post killed me! hahahahah!! adults are forever trying to outwit kids. sometimes it works; sometimes not so much. :)

anna and the ring said...

Love it.

I do feel sometimes that the ladies are wearing an eyepatch a little too high.

In fact I I'm think if starting a new trend of eyepatches!