17 March 2009

Best of Craigslist

Boy o boy do I love craigslist. Check this post out:

Wanted URGENTLY: Best Man for wedding in Holyoke, MA (Sun 11th)

Date: 2006-06-09, 5:13AM EDT

Wedding Date: Sun 11th June 2006

Ok, so I'm backing out on my cousin last minute, and I before I do it, I need someone lined up to take my place, because I'm not sure that he'll be able to find someone at such short notice.

Pay is $200+ (negotiable), plus a night in the hotel in question (I'll sacrafice my room there for the right candidate).

You MUST have comprehensive experience in this position, have a TUX (because the one I have might not fit you), and have transport to and from the locations (to be divulged to selected candidate, but it's in Holyoke).

Email me with a few pictures (preferably in a tux at a wedding, in the Best Man role) and brief history of experience in this position, and a telephone number where I can contact you.

This will be a one time contract job. You will be required to be available during the entire day, from 9am until 12am (perhaps even until 2am). You will be required to make a speech and fulfill other customary duties normally executed by the best man at weddings. If you happen to find a beautiful woman to dance the night away with, that's fine, so long as the aforementioned duties are fulfilled in their entirety and in a satisfactory manner.

Due to the sensitivity of this position, and the short time available, please only apply if you are sincere, clinically sane & stable and experienced.


Adventures in Newlywed said...

This could be the awesomest Craigslist post I've ever seen.

The Bridal BFF said...

OMG...I live in Massachusetts! I love it! I have to add this to my blog...with credit to you of course for the cool find! Have a great day!

Bridechka said...

Haha, awesome.

Awesome Sara said...

bizarre. i wonder if its for real.

Style and Inspiration said...

$200 for 9am to 12am? What kind of deal is that? This reminds me of that movie with Debra Messing that I can't think of the name right now. CRAZY!

gangsta bride said...

Bff- I should have known it was from Massachusetts! Post away my dear!

Awesome- It totally is real! There's a section on craigslist called "best of craigslist" with some really ridiculous posts!

Style- Yeah! I remember that, I think it was called "The Wedding Date" where she rents a date

Karol said...

Hahaha. I put up my own crazy Craigslist post recently looking for someone to rerecord "our" song for us.

drollgirl said...

wha wha WHAT?!?!?!? ok, that is killing me. i wish i had thought to do that last time i was asked to be the maid of honor.

love said...

hah wow thats crazy!