06 March 2009

How to decorate long tables (Gangsta-ly)

For lovely number, just take some jewelry wire and and mangle and twist it up (the more unorganized the better! Then, use bright colored delicate flowers to contrast with the wire. You can use real flowers or paper ones using little pieces of the wire. You can put in in a glass as in the picture, or just place it along the table. I love the way it drapes!

This wire centerpiece is a bit more tamed. First get some coiling wire from a hardware store. Then wrap it around a bucket to get a uniform coil pattern, finally, you can stretch it out on the table and secure it with ties on either end. Then, just put bright flowers with long stems between the coils.

I love the look of these birds nest inspired centerpieces. To make these, you can use big soup cans. Then, wrap them with moss and garden wire. Then, put twigs in between the wire. Then, fill the soup can with flowers with large blooms.

This centerpiece is probably the easiest and the most cost effective! Use monochromatic carnations against solid colored square vases scattered along the table.

The key to decorating long tables is to keep it interesting along the table by incorporating new designs throughout.

pics 1&2 from inwater flowers pics 3&4 from Martha Stewart Weddings

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