26 March 2009

I love you- the slow way

Message Bean comes in a pot of soil and grows into a message and picture! It's the perfect little thank-you gift for all those people who helped you out with your wedding.

You can also say "thank you", "happy birthday", or "good luck".

via Dvice


K @ Blog Goggles said...

No way. That's gotta be fake!

Awesome Sara said...

is it real?? that is just perfectly sweet and organic!

drollgirl said...

mine would probably need to be I'M SORRY for all the fuck ups i have done lately. boooooooooooooo.

but this is such a cute idea. :)

chloe said...

no way!?
how do they do that!? awesome x

The Bridal BFF said...

That is awesome! Great gift and I'm such a sappy romantic so I would totally get this for that special someone!