18 March 2009


Alright. I'm lazy. I want this really bad. It would take like 2 seconds to hand wash all the dishes in this little thing BUT camping in PR really made me appreciate all the little kitchen gizmos I have at home. I think this little baby could have fit in my backpack! It is so adorable.

AND it saves water because it works using steam.

AND it has many uses- as clearly demonstrated by the lovely, hilarious, and undoubtedly
sexy droll girl.

via Ubergizmo


Miss Eve Bognar said...

This is look so cute...I guess it's not the best for a big family :-) Thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog: Have a great day, love: Evi

Kilee said...

i like it. i need it. i want it.


Awesome Sara said...

i thought it was a cd player at first!!!

Bridechka said...

Awesome! Hello to the number on item on my camping packing list.