26 March 2009

Real Gangsta Wedding: Molly and David

This wedding feels so magical to me. Enjoy!

They hired a band to play traditional Jewish music.

They decided to put fabric up in the trees with words that were important to them on their wedding. Such a great idea!

The bride made her bouquet using fabric pieces and copper wiring to give it shape.

I love how the guests sat on pillows, blankets and chairs. I mean, who really needs chair rental when you have grass, right?

Looks like an amazing, meaningful wedding.

from MSW


Catherine said...

this is such a gorgeous wedding. everything is so unique!! the bouquet, the signs in the trees....i love how they made the whole wedding reflect the nature around them. thats totally how it should be

Awesome Sara said...

i don't even like weddings bc they are so sappy. but this one was really nice and meaningful which alot of weddings lack these days

Karol said...

Love it! Totally beautiful.

gekd said...

i just adore your blog. the concept, the material, and your writing skills are fantastic. you're genuinely hilarious & your "don't jack my sh*t..." comment at the bottom set off a ringer in my mind saying, "you have to subscribe to this one." thank you for the laughs & the inspiration.

gangsta bride said...

catherine- i couldn't agree more.

awesome- that's the reason i started this blog! i am so tired of non genuine weddings, its refreshing to see some meaningful ones.

gekd- thanks for the kind words! you have made my year.

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